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Author: Luke B

Iron Giant Statue From Sideshow Toys – I’m In Love

ShareI still remember when I first saw the Iron Giant in the cinema all those years ago. A friend of mine that was and is very much into films had somehow secured some free preview tickets (as he often does). The thing is, I tend to go to the cinema in the evening, so this early morning screening – that I had to wake up early to get to, was out of my comfort zone. I’d seen the trailer and thought it looked pretty good, but my general thought-process at the time, was if it’s not Disney, animations tend...

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Fish with Human Teeth and Taste for Testicles found in Michigan Lakes

ShareYou would be forgiven for thinking that this is a joke, but reputable sources are reporting on the fact that fish with human-like teeth have been found in some lakes in Michigan. However, my first thought upon hearing such ridiculous things was an image of blinky the fish from the Simpsons – a freak of nature, somehow caused by man, probably with some radioactive substances. But that is not the case. The fish in question is a Pacu, closely related to the similarly toothy piranha. But whereas the piranha has pointy teeth ideal for stripping flesh for its mainly...

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Play Asia Sale: Freezing Vibration – Satellizer L. Bridget Sunburn Ver.

Share Play Asia never disappoints, and with their deal of the day today, they can even bring a little summer sun to the underwhelming summer we are currently experiencing here in England. Go to Play Asia This is a statue of a character from the anime Freezing Vibration. Which I have to say I had never heard of, but that doesn’t really stand in the way of appreciating the figure ūüėČ if you want more info on the manga then¬†Wikipedia has this to say: Freezing¬†is a Japanese¬†manga¬†written by¬†Dall-Young Lim¬†and illustrated by Kwang-Hyun Kim.¬†The series revolves around the invasion of...

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Team17 Founder Debbie Bestwick Receives MBE from The Queen

Share Team17 Founder Debbie Bestwick Receives MBE from the Queen! Team17, makers of worms among many other great video games had their founder Debbie Bestwick honoured by the Queen – which is nice. Debbie Bestwick founder of Team17 received an MBE over the weekend from her majesty The Queen… of England. Debbie Bestwick was recognised for her services in the video games industry in the 30 years since her career began. Worm’s is probably their most know game, with the first iteration being released in 1995 (damn I feel old), but Team17′ first published game was in 1991 fighting...

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Pink Fairy Armadillo – Weirdass animal of the week

Share The¬†Pink Fairy Armadillo is our Weirdass animal of the week and though it doesn’t wield a wand, have wings, or hang out with any Disney characters – it’s still pretty awesome in it’s own right. Hardcore-science¬†name;¬†Chlamyphorus truncates but also know by Pichiciego is the smallest species of¬†armadillo¬†that we are currently aware of.¬†The little scamp is pretty small and ranges¬†ranges between 90-115 mm in length, excluding tail, and weighs less than a pound of honey, butter or anything else that weighs a pound. The Pink Fairy Armadillo¬†is the only species of¬†armadillo where the¬†dorsal shell is almost completely separate from...

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