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Author: Luke B

Team17 Founder Debbie Bestwick Receives MBE from The Queen

Share Team17 Founder Debbie Bestwick Receives MBE from the Queen! Team17, makers of worms among many other great video games had their founder Debbie Bestwick honoured by the Queen – which is nice. Debbie Bestwick founder of Team17 received an MBE over the weekend from her majesty The Queen… of England. Debbie Bestwick was recognised for her services in the video games industry in the 30 years since her career began. Worm’s is probably their most know game, with the first iteration being released in 1995 (damn I feel old), but Team17′ first published game was in 1991 fighting...

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Pink Fairy Armadillo – Weirdass animal of the week

Share The Pink Fairy Armadillo is our Weirdass animal of the week and though it doesn’t wield a wand, have wings, or hang out with any Disney characters – it’s still pretty awesome in it’s own right. Hardcore-science name; Chlamyphorus truncates but also know by Pichiciego is the smallest species of armadillo that we are currently aware of. The little scamp is pretty small and ranges ranges between 90-115 mm in length, excluding tail, and weighs less than a pound of honey, butter or anything else that weighs a pound. The Pink Fairy Armadillo is the only species of armadillo where the dorsal shell is almost completely separate from...

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We are all a little weird

Share“We are all a little weird and life’s a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.” – Author Unknown (but sometimes credited to Dr....

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Oculus Rift Story Studio Introduces us to Henry

Share Meet Henry from Story Studio on Vimeo. If you, like me, are chomping at the proverbial bit to get your greasy mitts on the Oculus Rift when it is realised in early 2016 then you have probably already heard of Story Studio. Story Studio – The Experience Matters Story Studio was “unveiled” a few months ago as Oculus VR’s in-house production studio. They are tasked with making “experiences” that are better with, and perhaps, only possible through virtual reality. They aren’t games in the traditional sense, but more like interactive films/animations. This is where Oculus Rift Story Studio...

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Sounds like… Nick Offerman, Nick Cage

ShareSo watching ‘Kings of Summer‘; a rather good coming of age indie film, the other night, I couldn’t help but notice how the actor Nick Offerman (known for Parks and Recreation, We’re the Millers, 21 Jump Street and over 70 other films and tv series) sounds an awful lot like someone. And do you know what, all it took was for me to close my eyes and there he was. Nicholas Cage. It really is uncanny. If Nicholas Cage were ever to lose his voice during filming, he would be the perfect man to step up to the plate. They...

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