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Rayman Origins – the pinnacle of 2D games?!

Rayman Origins – the pinnacle of 2D games?!

Rayman Origins E3 screen shots

Yes I like 3D games. But 2D games hold a place in my heart, partly its nostalgia, partly it’s because 2D has a level of art that most 3D games lack in their pursuit of realism. Recently It seems as though a trend has bagun, and in fact continued at a fast pace, to bring 2D gaming back with the added goodness of modern computing power and high definition.

Rayman Origins E3 screen shots

I think developers are realising that though modern computers have got so much better with 3D, along their [xbox, ps3, pc] path to become 3D polygon pushing monsters, they also became very well adept a producing beautiful HD 2D visuals. One game that was unveiled today at E3 is Rayman Origins. The video is just below and MY WORD is it pretty! you can view it in HD on youtube and I would strongly advise it!

Imagine Disney films converted into games in THIS engine… Sigh.

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