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Batgirl: The S&M Years? Mmm… Latex.

Batgirl: The S&M Years? Mmm… Latex.

Batgirl: The Latex S&M years

What can I say? Enjoy!

Lil’ Miss Evil

In what seems like a glorious cosplay mash-up between Batgirl and Catwoman, this super-sexy latex batgirl cosplay has to be seen to be believed.

With a metallic gun-metal grey latex suit paired up with a black corset with most likely stop the bad guys in their tracks without the need for conflict or any fisticuffs… This is definitely a good thing, as those ridiculously high platforms may hinder batgirls ability to fight, run, walk etc. – though they would do some serious damage to any unsuspecting criminals face should she need to attack.

Finished off with a cute utility belt from the batman autumn-winter collection, this sexy batgirl cosplay is one super show stopper.

The only real issue I see is that this might drive crime up, as I am already contemplating becoming a criminal mastermind, just so I can meet her in the flesh. Sigh. Oh, but then… she’s not real.

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