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Author: Luke B

Deadpool 2 Review BABY!

I have just got in from seeing Deadpool 2, and I had been slightly concerned that it couldn’t recreate the magic that was the first film. The trailers looked good, but I was a little concerned about the whole X-force thing. But, my doubts quickly vanished in a chainsaw-juggling-bloodbath, the likes of which only Deadpool can provide. Deadpool 2 ups the ante, with bigger bad guys, bigger emotion, bigger laughs, bigger numbers, and it really pays off. As laugh out loud as the first, with more of everything, including heart.   Emotional Depth. No, Really.   This is a Deadpool...

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20+ Top My Neighbor Totoro Gift Ideas Fans Will Love

Official Totoro Merchandise Not only is My Neighbour Totoro one of my all-time favourite animations – but Studio Ghibli, the studio that created it – is up there with Pixar in my eyes. I absolutely love Totoro, and over the years have amassed quite a collection of My Neighbour Totoro figures, plushes, an merchandise, while also buying many gifts for friends that also love it. Most of us know about the classic My Neighbour Totoro gifts you can buy online, but this post will hopefully shed some light on the lesser know gift ideas and treasures that are out there...

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God of War Review

It’s not too often that a game comes out and is more or less universally praised, but with the release of God of War, that is exactly what happened. This review is a little late to the party, I obviously don’t get review copies, so had to wait for the actual release. Since playing the game I have been singing it’s praises and telling everyone that can buy it, to buy it ASAP – I haven’t done that it a while. I tell my friends to “just play the beginning and you’ll know if you’ll like it or not”...

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Spider-Man Miles Morales PREMIUM FORMAT FIGURE from Sideshow Toys

Stop what you’re doing and check out this Spider-Man Miles Morales premium format figure! Ok, now calm down… When it comes to Spider-man there are two types of people, the ones who know Peter Parker as Spider-Man and have never even heard of Miles Morales, and those that have… actually heard of him. Ever. The thing is, Spider-Man as Peter Parker has been around since his first appearance in 1962 in Amazing Fantasy #15, and that Spiderman has not just been in comics, but has been brought to screen in many, many, MANY incarnations, but has also been portrayed in myriad...

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Sideshow Spider-Man Premium Format Figure Giveaway!

Sideshow is giving away a little gift to Spider Man fans, perhaps to commemorate Spiderman Homecoming? I seem to be geeking out over sideshow at the moment, with their Iron Giant statue and their beautifully crafted Toothless statue from How to Train Your Dragon. I just want them so much  O_O use either of the below links to enter: Sideshow Spider-Man Giveaway! Spider-Man Premium Format Figurine Giveaway Limited to 5000 and priced at $469.99 this figurine is a beauty! If you want more details about the figure, you can find it below. This might be a good time to mention if...

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