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Author: Luke B

Spider-Man Miles Morales PREMIUM FORMAT FIGURE from Sideshow Toys

Stop what you’re doing and check out this Spider-Man Miles Morales premium format figure! Ok, now calm down… When it comes to Spider-man there are two types of people, the ones who know Peter Parker as Spider-Man and have never even heard of Miles Morales, and those that have… actually heard of him. Ever. The thing is, Spider-Man as Peter Parker has been around since his first appearance in 1962 in Amazing Fantasy #15, and that Spiderman has not just been in comics, but has been brought to screen in many, many, MANY incarnations, but has also been portrayed in myriad...

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Sideshow Spider-Man Premium Format Figure Giveaway!

Sideshow is giving away a little gift to Spider Man fans, perhaps to commemorate Spiderman Homecoming? I seem to be geeking out over sideshow at the moment, with their Iron Giant statue and their beautifully crafted Toothless statue from How to Train Your Dragon. I just want them so much  O_O use either of the below links to enter: Sideshow Spider-Man Giveaway! Spider-Man Premium Format Figurine Giveaway Limited to 5000 and priced at $469.99 this figurine is a beauty! If you want more details about the figure, you can find it below. This might be a good time to mention if...

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How to Train Your Dragon Toothless Statue from Sideshow Toys

I am a pretty big fan of how to train your dragon, in fact, I have been heard saying it is one of, if not THE best Dreamworks film in my opinion and worthy even of Pixar’s high standard. From the great story and source material to the amazing art design and heavy influence of Chris Saunders (Lilo and Stitch), How to Train Your Dragon is a work of art. But really, the star of the show is toothless. If you aren’t familiar, Toothless is the name of the Dragon in HTTYD, found by the lead character __ and you...

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Review: Iron Fist – Netflix

You know the feeling when everyone disagrees with you? You’re going along in your daily life, you think your views are pretty well balanced and then suddenly Trump gets voted in, or we decide Brexit is the answer. Well, that’s how I feel today. After a lot of negative backlash about Iron Fist, I have to stand up and say I enjoyed it a lot! What’s Wrong With Iron Fist? Ok, so there has been a lot of negative comments about Iron Fist and the main ones are; the fight scenes are lackluster, and it’s just a tad racist....

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Lego BrickHeadz Have Arrived

Lego has announced that their new line of BrickHeadz will be released on the 1st of March, however, if you are a Lego VIP, then you can buy them now! Head over to or Lego Stores to pick up yours now. You can read more about Lego BrickHeadz and see the full range at

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