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Oculus Rift Story Studio Introduces us to Henry

Oculus Rift Story Studio Introduces us to Henry

Meet Henry from Story Studio on Vimeo.

If you, like me, are chomping at the proverbial bit to get your greasy mitts on the Oculus Rift when it is realised in early 2016 then you have probably already heard of Story Studio.

Story Studio – The Experience Matters

Story Studio was “unveiled” a few months ago as Oculus VR’s in-house production studio. They are tasked with making “experiences” that are better with, and perhaps, only possible through virtual reality. They aren’t games in the traditional sense, but more like interactive films/animations. This is where Oculus Rift Story Studio introduces us to Henry. Ramiro – former Pixar animator and director of Henry is the one doing the introducing and if the teaser is to be believed… you will want to give the little guy a hug.

If there’s one thing I like more that VR and the prospect of plonking down a few monies to get an Oculus Rift, it is Pixar and their amazing films. Obviously Oculus VR hiring former pixar animators and big Directors (Rob Stomberg Director of Maleficent is a guest director) is a sign that they mean business, or that they know they need the best in order to create truly engaging and magical experiences – that they will have to be to warrant you parting with your hard-earned moolah.

If you haven’t heard of Story Studio before then you may want to check out the introduction video below.

Me Want. Like… Yesterday!

Oculus Rift does excite me, having tried the first dev kit version a few years ago at a video games expo and being amazed at the responsiveness of moving your head to look around I was sold. In some ways I was more excited about the prospect of VR finally making it after all these years than I was about the new generation of consoles. I don’t even have a 3D TV, so it’s not just about 3D; it’s about actually being in the game, in the film, in the experience. You look over your shoulder and in real-no-lag-time you look over your shoulder. You are flying a plane and can quickly glance to your left to check that nothing is on your tail.

Virtual reality changes the experience. But Oculus know that not everyone is a gamer and to be successful means VR might need to look outside of games. Henry and their other projects like ‘Lost’ will help with that – they are experiences that may mum and dad could enjoy. Non-threatening introductions to VR.

The Future is Bright

In 5 years time when Pixar are putting out their latest films in VR format we might laugh at the days without VR like we do about days pre-internet, or pre-iphone. Personally I would love to experience Monsters University or Wall-e as if I was a camera man chasing the action, even without any added layer of interactivity.

The future is bright! Bright as a screen strapped to your head inches from your eye-balls.

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