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Who’s The Sexiest Game Character? Mario? Wait, What!?

Who’s The Sexiest Game Character? Mario? Wait, What!?

Sexy Mario Latex Suit from Etsy

There no shortage of sexy ladies in video games. Honestly, there’s not. In-fact if you didn’t really know about video games and the ladies therein and I showed you the likes of Lara Croft, Ivy, The DOA girls, Bloodrayne, Tifa, Mai, or pretty much ANY other video game girl, it would instantly divide you into one of two groups.

1) You think video games are even more juvenile and pathic than you did.

2) You have left this site and are currently racking up a HUGE bill buying every video game you never knew existed.*

But I’m going to go out on a limb and say when you think of the sexy ladies in video games your mind doesn’t straight away go to Mario! But if it does then you might just want to splash the cash on this little item of clothing. Available from Etsy.

Seems like a male plumber is scraping the bottom of the sexy barrel…


*But If you stick around I’ll treat you to a gallery of the aforementioned girls. K? K…




Lara Croft

Lara Croft holding guns to Tigers

Mai Shiranui

Mai Shiranui from King of Fighters


Ivy From Soul Calibre

DOA Girls

DOA Girls

Ok, you get the idea.


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