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These ARE the Droids You’re Looking For. Trust Me – The R2D2 Swimsuit

These ARE the Droids You’re Looking For. Trust Me – The R2D2 Swimsuit

R2D2 Swimsuit... These ARE the droids you're looking for

These ARE the droids you’re looking for.

It’s weird how scantily clad women in geek-couture spread through the internet faster than [Insert Quip Here].

You could buy it here… but it seems to have disappeared. Swimsuit… Lawsuit?

R2D2 Swimsuit. What’s left to say? I’m having trouble thinking of anything to write at the moment, or, ya know… typing.

Have a glorious R2D2 swimsuit filled day! Now We just need a shiny gold C3PO one for the ultimate geekgasm!

But Who is the R2D2 Swimsuit Girl?!

It is an unfortunate and devastating fact that my brain is not equipped with the information regarding this. I shall however devote hours, days, weeks to find out who this lovely lady is. It’s is my solemn duty to the rest of you, to find this girl, find more pictures of the in or sans-swimsuit and post them here like there is no tomorrow. There is speculation that she is a suicide girl and if she is not then she should be! I am off to trail through many myriad many many pictures of scantily clad ladies for you guys! It’s a chore but someone has to do it. This burden will rest on my shoulders! See you guys soon! 😉

It’s been an EPIC few years

It’s only been a few years, but I have finally made some headway! (you know that episode of family guy where quagmire discovers the internet? Well my arms and looking good but I’m paler than dracula 😉 ) I can finally share the link to the swimsuit, that unfortunately isn’t being made anymore 🙁 it’s the Artoo Swimsuit and if you follow that link you will find not one, not two but 47… PAGES of images of girls wearing it! You’re welcome!

For those few that are still reading and haven’t already clicked on that link and started down the rabbit hole that is chronic-hot-swimsuit-girl-image-dependance then I’ll just leave these here:

❤️???? @blackmilkclothing #blackmilk #blackmilkclothing #bmstarwarsartooswim #r2d2 #planetrawr #starwars

A photo posted by JOOJ ???? (@jooojyfruit) on

Bleep bloop. Artoo Detoo ???? #starwars #r2d2 #blackmilk #bmstarwarsartooswim

A photo posted by Shannon Liara (@shansolo_xo) on

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