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God of War Review Score 100%

God of War Review

It’s not too often that a game comes out and is more or less universally praised, but with...

Tea time

Did you know…Today in 1839 the first tea shipments arrived from India in Britain. Britain has only had Tea for 172 years. How odd.

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Weirdass Facts No.5

There are approximately 5,416 species of mammals known on earth In comparison there are 950,000+ species of insect.   Scientists also think there may be 10 – 30 million unknown species of insect. Sweet dreams insect...

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Weirdass Facts No.4

A ‘Jiffy’ is an actual unit of time. Unfortunately that unit can change depending on what you’re doing… Originally a ‘Jiffy’ was how long it took light to travel 1cm Now a jiffy is about...

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