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Team17 Founder Debbie Bestwick Receives MBE from The Queen

Team17 Founder Debbie Bestwick Receives MBE from The Queen

Debbie Bestwick

Team17 Founder Debbie Bestwick Receives MBE from the Queen! Team17, makers of worms among many other great video games had their founder Debbie Bestwick honoured by the Queen – which is nice.

Debbie Bestwick founder of Team17 received an MBE over the weekend from her majesty The Queen… of England. Debbie Bestwick was recognised for her services in the video games industry in the 30 years since her career began.

Worm’s is probably their most know game, with the first iteration being released in 1995 (damn I feel old), but Team17′ first published game was in 1991 fighting game called Full Contact for the Amiga.

Weirdass Fact

Fact: Team17 were originally called 17-bit Software

The next big releaseĀ from Team17 is Yooka-Laylee, a spiritual successor to Banjo-Kazooie from original team members from Rare.

yooka laylee video game screenshot

Bestwick had this to say:

“It’s a fantastic honour to be made an MBE. I keep thinking ‘I’m just doing my job!’

“Also being a woman in this industry – I’m one of the only female owners of a business in the games industry.”



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