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Apple and microsoft unveil their new toys on the same day… Wallet PAIN!

Apple and microsoft unveil their new toys on the same day… Wallet PAIN!

new xbox360, new mac mini and iphone 4 all on the same day

Ok, it’s not particularly weird, but I do feel like there is a kind of solar-eclipse-like phenomenon taking place in which the biggest consumer brands fall into alignment and unveil their new products to buy. SO I hope you have been saving.

The iPhone 4 goes on pre-sale today, so that can be bought from apple and others, not only that, but they sneakily updated the mac mini… and it looks kinda saucy! Sporting an HDMI out so it can be plugged into your HD TV easier than before. But something else now vying for your cash to be infront of your HD TV is the new and improved Xbox 360. It’s smaller and sleeker, shiner and angular-ier…!? it now has built in wifi, of the N variery no less!

Start saving peoples.

new unibody mac mini front and back

New xbox 360 slim version

They keep looking at each other as if they are gonna pounce as soon as a I turn my back…

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