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Coffee Powered Car Breaks Records, Not Hearts

Coffee Powered Car Breaks Records, Not Hearts

Coffee Powered Record Breaking Car

Coffee makes the world go round.

A generalisation I’ll admit, but for those of us who are awake before the sun – i’m sure we can agree on the benefits of a good cup of strong coffee in the morning.

But now, it is not only people that coffee is kickstarting. Inventor Martin Bacon (coffee and Bacon, sounds like a perfect breakfast doesn’t it? Must be fate) has won a Guinness world record for his Ford Pick up truck which is powered by coffee beans no less. It reached a whopping 65.5mph (it may wake us up but i’d challenge you to go that fast powered by coffee alone).

The invention was sponsored by the Co-op as a way of raising awareness for the 10 year anniversary of Fairtrade coffee and is run on the waste products produced during the coffee making process. I wonder how long it will be before we see the Fairtrade logo at the pumps and can get our morning coffee while we fill our tanks. Yeah, perhaps not.

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