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Random Review Number 1 – Criminal Minds Series 2 Ep. 44

Episode 44 Legacy Series 2 Criminal Minds

I have just finished watching an extremely disturbing episode of Criminal minds. This is a brilliant piece of fiction which not only appeals to one’s sense of empathy for a group of people ordinarily forgotten by many but it may also find you looking over your own shoulder when out after dark.

Not normally a squeamish person, even I found myself rather disturbed by this episode. An unsub has kidnapped and killed 63 homeless victims in an effort to ‘clean up the streets. The authorities only become involved when an overachieving but socially inept detective seeks them out to help with this ‘problem’.

Normally a programme that focuses on the psychological state of the killer this episode shows the psychological and physical pain inflicted upon the victims. Watching a young girl drag herself bloody and scared across the disgustingly dirty floor of a meatpacking plant is incredibly uncomfortable and contributes heavily to making this an episode that truly competes with Saw in its psychological fear and trauma not to mention the body parts that strategically appear to add to the horror.

Definitely worth a watch, but I wouldn’t recommend it if you are alone in the house or have to journey home late at night.

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