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Kinectimals comes to iOS. Beware: Flying Pigs Make Big Shi…

Kinectimals comes to iOS. Beware: Flying Pigs Make Big Shi…

Kinectimals for iOS

It’s a cool day today with a slight chance of rain and flying pigs.

In what can only be a clear indication that the world is going to end in 2012 (as the Mayan calendar kinda predicted) Microsoft today released Kinectimals for iPhone and iPod touch. I’ll let you sit down…

Kinectimals for iOS Tiger Wanna Play

Sure Microsoft has released things for iPhone before. But usually, they are utility-style apps. This is a game from Microsoft game studios. Ok, the Zune is gone so there’s no competition there, but Windows phone is alive and well and only a few weeks ago got Kinectimals to call their own. Exclusives are what people buy phones for, aren’t they?

Maybe it’s just Microsoft using an app to advertise the real game? But then it is available for Windows phone too… Yes, I am trying to justify this, but this just seems weird to me… If it’s not marketing then I… I … Head melting, not sure what is real anymore… *Crash*.


Link or it didn’t happen: Kinectimals for iOS

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