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Legend of Zelda – Link and Epona Statue of Awesomeness

Legend of Zelda – Link and Epona Statue of Awesomeness

Zelda - Link on Epona Awesome Statue

To kick off the super-toy extravaganza, we will start with a character that is pretty close my heart. Link and Epona from The Legend of Zelda.

Why is this weird? Well, “Video-games are for kids” I hear people cry as I sit in front of my PSWii60 playing “My Little Pony in Butterfly Land”. Well if games are for kids Mr Smartypants, why then are the toys based on them £300!! That’s right, this “toy” pushes past $400 of AWESOME! It stands 17inches high and 16 inches long and is a wishlist topper for any Zelda Fanboy! It totally HyruleZ!!

You can pre-order from Play-asia now! Just click here

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