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New Goodies from the Kraft/Cadbury Takeover

New Goodies from the Kraft/Cadbury Takeover

Kraft Cadbury takeover

What happens when two giants collide? Well a few billion changes hands and everyone’s happy! except people that aren’t… like employees and shareholders… But who cares about all that? Unless you ARE an employee or shareholder of course.

All we care about is what goodies could come out of a merger of these two companies and they both own some much loved brands:


  • Terrys Chocolate Orange
  • Toblerone
  • Philadelphia Cream Cheese
  • Daim
  • jell-o
  • vegemite
  • Oreos
  • Kraft dinner / Kraft Mac & Cheese
The list goes on, it is after all a HUGE company with many brands under its albatross like wings, but now the albatross has a golden egg… ok not a golden egg, a chocolate egg with a sweet gooey filling. The Cadburys Creme Egg… Mmmmm
  • Creme Egg
  • Crunchie
  • Flake
  • Wisper
  • Roses
  • Dairy milk
  • Green and Black’s
So I think everyone is wondering how these two companies may merge their products in wonderful chocolaty/cheesy ways… well after doing some corporate espionage and having to do some questionable things with someone high-up in the company I can now report on what’s coming, and that I can never look at a Creme Egg the same way again. WHHHYYYYY?! So while I have a ‘Nam like horror flashback, read on to see what’s in store.

The Philadelphia Creme Egg

philadelphia creme egg - cadbury creme egg

Dairylea Milk bar

Dairylea Milk bar - The Cadbury/Kraft Fusion - Dairy Milk

Kraft dinner egg

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