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OTT: Porsche Design Advent Calendar. When Chocolate Just Won’t Cut It

OTT: Porsche Design Advent Calendar. When Chocolate Just Won’t Cut It

Porsche Design £600,000 Advent Calendar

We are 6 Days into advent so I appolgise if you now wanted to rush out and get one of these. But as they are 1Million dollars each I’m assuming you wouldn’t. What lays behind the doors of a $1M Advent calendar? Chocolate? Expensive chocolate? A whole chocolate shop? No.

Porsche Design £600,000 Advent Calendar

It contains such things as golden sun glasses, writing tools and without ruining the surprise too much, the special prize on the 24th is either a watch, a kitchen or a yacht. All by Porsche Design of course. Not bad. Though – is it just me that would have preferred the chocolate. Would it have really be SO hard to just shove in some Thorntons selection boxes each day? It’s not like rich people are skinny. And they can afford the Liposuction in the new year anyway!

The Whole thing is made out of polished Aluminium, is 1.75 metres tall and looks a lot like a fridge.

Porsche Design £600,000 Advent Calendar standing in Harrods

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