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About us

Welly welly welly. Where to begin!?

In the year of our lord 1482 a lone wander wandered across the wilderness that was the english countryside carrying nothing but a small bag slung over his back. It was claimed that within the satchel was the rarest and weirdest findings from all over the world – all cataloged in a small leather-bound book. This book was the Encyclopaedia Weirdassica.

Now this would have been a great find if he wasn’t then shot by a stray arrow from an ongoing dispute over turnips. Thankfully after a short time someone found the book, unfortunately it was a monk. Thinking that the foul creatures and general weird oddities found within were somehow cursed by hell, or in fact FROM hell, he buried the book where no-one could ever find it. Luckily it was found – as monks are notoriously bad hiders (as shown in the “hide and seek debacle” of 1536). It then became the property of some guy I forget the name of and he passed it down from generation to generation believing that the secrets within would lead to fame and fortune. The heir of which promptly sold the book for £6.50 while living on the streets in a cardboard box. Clearly it didn’t bring fame and fortune.

That is is where I dear reader come in. Because it was I that bought that book and now bring you the knowledge from it.

What?! You read an About us and though that it would be true or remotely real!? Clearly you don’t really get weirdass.

Ok ok, We have been around for only a few years, but the idea has been around forever (or a few years more) but finally we decided to bring it to fruition. It was just a place for a few friends to share their weird findings on the internet. They all had similar but differing weird tastes and so the journey began to outdo each others weirdest finding. Let the fight commence.

About The Author

Luke B

Luke B started life on his day of birth, strangely. He enjoys artistic and creative pursuits such as painting, drawing, sculpture, music, 3D graphics, video games and everything else. He builds websites as his day-job and builds personal ones in his spare time. He also likes Lego.

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