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OTT: HM4 Thunderbolt Watch

OTT: HM4 Thunderbolt Watch

HM4 Thunderbolt watch TOP by MB&F

It was not long ago that I wrote about another watch. It was a fairly gaudy piece of gold that expands into a, umm… big watch? so that you can hear the minute repeater or something… I glazed over a bit to be honest. But while fact checking on another website there was an advert for non other than THIS watch. Titled the HM4 (Horological Machine No. 4 (yes number 4! quality not quantity!)) Thunderbolt it is based around jet engines and that, more than opera perhaps, I can deal with.

HM4 Thunderbolt watch FACE by MB&F

The other redeeming factor over the other watch is that it doesn’t cost a million pounds. It may however cost more as I have no idea how much it actually does cost. It’s obviously going to fall into the “if you have to ask then you can’t afford” category and when you can afford this watch you’ll be dealing with the dilemma of “Shall I buy the watch, a house, or end world hunger?!” But that dilemma is for another day. Enjoy the jet engine/car speedo metre looks of the Thunderbolt.

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HM4 Thunderbolt watch SIDE by MB&F

HM4 Thunderbolt watch BACK by MB&F

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