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Billionaire Building a Real Jurassic Park?

Billionaire Building a Real Jurassic Park?

Jurassic Park - Dinosaurs and the London Eye

Apparently Billionaire Clive Palmer, who likes trying to replicate movies that end badly, wants to add Jurassic Park to his movies-to-life conversion. He made his money mainly from mining natural resources, but has since moved into tourism with his luxury resort in Australia. He has proposed a $3 Billion investment into 20 story sky needle, a London-Eye-esque ferris wheel and other improvements. But behind closed doors has been in talks with the scientist that cloned dolly the sheep to see about the possibility of his very own Australian Jurassic Park.

Quite frankly I am surprised it took this long. Ethics? Really? Do they exist anymore? its 2012 for Thors-sake!

I don’t see how they couldn’t make money from this. They could make a documentary while its being brought to life, sell the rights to a film once it all goes tits-up and have a very popular reality TV series in between; Jurassic shore perhaps? Real Housewives of 65 Million Years BC? I dunno, It will come to me… Or maybe the Survivor or shipwrecked formula could work? I’d watch that. }:-]

He’s expected to give a press briefing sometime today on the matter, but a few places are reporting that this isn’t going to happen. I wonder if there is another Billionaire out there crazy enough to try?

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