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Day 16 – Secret Santa

Oops… its a bit late (just like most of my christmas presents Tee Hee)

And on that note…
Have you ever done a ‘Secret Santa?
If not then the concept is quite simple; usually carried out if there is a large amount of people to buy for (either family or work colleagues etc) or when you don’t know the people very well (eg. in a large corporation). Names are picked out of a hat (preferably a red and white santa one tee hee) and whoever’s name you pick, you buy for. There is also usually a price limit. When you exchange gifts its not only a surprise as to what you get but usually (if everyone has stuck to the rules and not blabbed) a surprise as to who is buying for you (although in some variations this information is still kept a secret).

A bit late to be explaining ‘Secret Santa’?
Well NO! A website called ‘Firebox’ is currently attempting the world record for the largest ‘Secret Santa’ in the world. You pay £9 and pick the gift you would like to send, write a message and off it goes.

I received mine yesterday. And to my surprise it was actually a really cool underwater disco light, I can’t wait to put batteries in it and use it 🙂
So if you want to take part, there’s only a few days left.
Check it out…

Become part of the worlds largest Secret Santa. Go on… It’s fun, and that’s what Christmas is all about!!

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