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Avatar, James Camerons Avatar no less

Avatar, James Camerons Avatar no less

Avatar, James Camerons Avatar, close up of Neytiri

Today or tomorrow is the worldwide release of ‘Avatar’ the new film by movie legend James Cameron. And what a movie.

There is something about this movie that just doesn’t happen all too often. Hype. Sure movies are hyped all the time, but this seems to have been talked about for years. James Cameron himself says it is 12 years in the making and in fact, the story has been there even longer, with him coming up with aspects in his childhood. I think it is somewhat impossible in the creative industry to make a film that would be perfect for everyone as it is so subjective. So instead of saying this is the best film ever, I will simply say you SHOULD see the movie. See it NOW! drop what you are doing and go book some tickets! Because in 6 months or 6 days when everyone is talking about the film that changed cinema forever you will want to be able to join in.

There is one thing that I know, come Oscar time this WILL walk away with the best special effects. FACT. I have never seen anything like it and I have scrutinised a LOT. The closest to this special effects triumph in the past have been ‘Golem’ in ‘Lord of the Rings’ and ‘Davey Jones’ in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’. Put Both pale to this.

So why should you see this film? well you can’t and won’t get the same 3D experience when you buy this movie on DVD or Blu-ray. There is a small possibility they will release a version that is compatible with 3D TV’s as they have recently done with the movie tie-in computer game. But do you have one and would you buy one just for this film? It will honestly be better seeing it on the big screen.

Will I enjoy it? Well, it does depend but I think you will. They have chosen characters that are easily relatable, In some ways stereotypes or archetypes. Sometimes this is bad, but not here, it is the archetypes of Star Wars or Lord of the Rings. It made me realise that life is rarely black and white, but in some part, we wish it was. When the story or scope is so epic I think it is important for this simplicity.

So I don’t think there is anything not to like, and thus go now and book tickets! 3D VERSION!

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Avatar floating mountains

Avatar jake sully rides on a winged beast

Avatar gun ship in sunset

Avatar neytiri and jake sully

avatar two gun ships

[Official movie website with wallpapers]

[Official Flickr photos]

How they made some of the magic… I’d watch the film before viewing this.

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