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Did the Segway segue to the Honda U3-X?

Honda create the new Segway, except, it’s good.

The Segway was a good idea, and perhaps it’s main accomplishment was it’s name as it was a segue to now. A time in which it seems a lot of big companies are trying to find the next big personal transport device. ’cause, ya know bikes, roller-blades and skateboards are SOOOO last century.

In a future where we rarely use our legs to walk, or at all, except for novelty value and perhaps sex (until they have a device for that too, because sex in a seated position when you are both seated, in seats is kinda hard.), Honda want to rule.

Yes I mentioned Segway, it was a good idea, but certainly flawed; It were right BIG, It was aimed at those that feel walking is a chore, and yet made you stand!? Now correct me if i’m wrong, but the people that like to avoid walking are those that would much rather sit! If not lay. So I think we can all see the future is an electric bed type thing. Which I will now patent and try to work out the kinks… Ok so after reflection – seated is better. Does it remind you of Wall-e?

Again Segway was clever but it’s getting old! 2 wheels self balancing is clever but it’s been done! we want MORE! or perhaps less… and that is where the Honda U3-X comes in. You sit on it! It is Smaller than a Segway – for the tech involved it’s SMALL! It has 50% less wheels! or 1 wheel. It therefore is having to balance itself not only forwards and backwards but left and right. It actually looks quite eerie in motion, almost like it’s floating – which is probably where it’s heading in 5 years or so. But for now watch these videos and be amazed!


I can see these being sold as the most luxurious and expensive desk chairs ever, if you throw a backrest on it that is. Then combine it with the tech in the Santander robot guides and you have a future where office workers never have to leave their chairs to get to a meeting. It will also put an end to people getting lost for days or weeks in offices – It happens to me and I work in a 200 square-foot open plan room. So I’m sure it’s a well documented problem.


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  1. Roy Hansen

    I think Honda looks forward to use U3-X‘s futures in tourism, the automated service industry and on sports too.


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