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Santander make robot-guide-army to show you the way. To the dark side?

It’s probably no surprise I have a soft spot for robots, in a purely platonic sense of course, but a spot as soft as triple quilted toilet tissue on a bed of cotton-wool nonetheless. So when I saw these little robots, that are not only being made, but put to use right-figgin-now, I was kinda excited.

Now maybe it’s just me, but whenever I used to watch Star Wars I used to wonder what all those little robots that scurried around the death star’s halls were actually for. Well now I know! They were in fact used to guide people to their destinations. Now I want to clarify; I am in no way saying that Santander, one of the biggest banks in the world, that has recently bought quite a few banks in the uk including Abbey national is ANYTHING like the evil empire in Star Wars. Mainly because I have accounts with them and want the money to stay accessible to me. But If you draw parallels then who am I to stop you? and who cares if they start giving these things away when you open a bank account!? Which, I for one, feel is very likely indeed. or more likely. not.



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