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Epic Mickey is back!

Epic Mickey is back!

Epic Mickey Gameinformer cover

Epic Mickey – Official

[via gameinformer]

Well We have written about this game before and I was eager to hear… well, anything about it because up until now it has been speculation and rumour. Yes. It’s official.

The issue of game informer that is due on the 12th Oct has the exclusive, and is sporting a rather gorgeous cover to boot. It doesn’t really answer many questions but raises a few… What the hell has happened to Mickey mouse?! why is he weilding a paintbrush and looks himself to be covered in, or made of liquid (paint??). Some of these questions should be put to rest on the 28th as there is a Media/Press event in London being held by Disney interactive Studios for this specific game. So fingers crossed for some news then.

One thing that is confirmed, is that it is for the Wii. The other is the concept art is FANTASTIC! So while we wait twiddling our thumbs, for the 28th, why not give your thumbs something to do and pick up gameinformer on the 12th? Until then, Bigger pics of the cover after the break



Epic Mickey Front Cover

Epic Mickey Front Cover

Epic Mickey Back Cover

Epic Mickey Back Cover

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