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Lego Printer… = cheap refills?

Who wouldn’t want to able to build their own printer? Well… Me! But who wouldn’t want to build one from Lego?!? When the ink runs dry, just pick out a new felt tip pen and you’re ready to go! what’s more — when you are trying to figure out why your PC can no longer print to it, even though it did 5 seconds ago you can throw it across the room, smash it into tiny bits and cry. But the way it differs from any other printer is once you’ve regained your composure, you can just click it all back together. Fantastic!


About The Author

Luke B

Luke B started life on his day of birth, strangely. He enjoys artistic and creative pursuits such as painting, drawing, sculpture, music, 3D graphics, video games and everything else. He builds websites as his day-job and builds personal ones in his spare time. He also likes Lego.

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