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Julie Benz – Do I know them from somewhere?

Do I know them from somewhere?

So, recently i’ve become a little obsessed with Dexter. Yes, that’s right, the series about a seriel killer. Don’t judge me until you watch it! Its great!!
Anyway, its been bugging me where i’ve seen the actress that plays Rita before. Several days after I finished the box set, we were sitting watching Desperate Housewives on 4 on demand (Channel 4’s online catch up service) when my friend asked where we’d seen the ‘stripper’ (aka Robin Gallagher) before. My friend suggested that she was the infamous Dahla in Buffy the Vampire, way back in the day. I wasn’t seeing it myself. After a few minutes research (thank you IMDB) we discovered that they are one and the same. Julie Benz did indeed play Darla in both Angel and Buffy, she is the stripper in Desperate housewives and she is Rita in Dexter. I was amazed, and it goes to show what a great actor she is and of course what make up and wardrobe can do for you. And it doesn’t stop there, the girl has a rather large resume, including 8mm, Rambo, Payne, Roswell and the traditional CSI, NCIS episodes.


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