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Little Big Bang

Little Big Bang

It became the thing of Sci-fi in the book and TV series ‘Flash Forward’ but now this fantastical experiment has yielded amazing results. This week CERN revealed the first pictures of the ‘mini big bang’…

First images from the artificially created big bang at CERN


This rainbow could hold the key to the creation of our universe, and yet strangely it appears to have been rather overlooked in the media. Millions waited with baited breath on the 14th May 2008 to see if Armageddon would be upon us when the Large Hadron collider was turned on. However now the experiment has yielded results not that many people seem to have even noticed. The scientific community however are undoubtedly going to be busy for the next few months with over 10,000 scientists analysing the data. I wonder if the ‘God particle’ has made an appearance.. only time will tell. 

For more info check out CERN’s website or

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