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Love Apple? Love Apple Lovers? Love loving apple… ok I lost it

Love Apple? Love Apple Lovers? Love loving apple… ok I lost it

Cupidtino and apple dating site.

Ok so I remember a time when owning an Apple Mac meant people would ask “what’s that?” Looking at mean as if in reply to them saying their PC has 32MB of ram, I was telling them that my fruit filled big Mac had the same. But times have changed and I’m not going to recount that journey here. Suffice to say Apple got big and scraped itself back from the brink of doom.

Maybe because of this Phoenix like rise you often find people that are in love with their Macbook, iMac, iPod or iPad. Or it could be that they have been subjected to Windows from early childhood and once they discovered OSX they couldn’t go back.

What I’m trying to say in a rather long winded way is; People that like Apple, LOVE Apple. There is a passion there you don’t find elsewhere. And now because of this or possibly because they smoked or drank too much of something very bad for them, someone has created an Apple dating site. Yep. You read right.

Apple is based in Cupertino CA and to even know that you’re gonna have to be pretty hardcore! So you can kinda see the target audience. Now when I first heard about it I thought they were gonna match me up with maybe a hot pink iPod, or maybe an iMac with a saucy desktop picture. But apparently they are matching up real people… to real people. That can then go on to have a long relationship built on cyber sex, sexting and mix tapes itunes playlists. Awwww.

Well… I’m off… to… sign up… to something… totally unrelated. Bye.


They’re also on Twitter

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