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Nokia N900 has the weirdest box ever?

I just happened across this little techy tit-bit. A reviewer somewhere out there has got their hands on an N900 for review, and there is a possibility that the phone, though I am sure is good, will be shown up by the box it comes in. I remember my first ipod (3rd gen) having the most amazing box, not very eco-friendly mind you, but pulling off the outer sleeve and then the inner box split in half… oh the memories. Well even THAT kinda pales in comparison to this. Mind you, don’t expect to actually get this box when you actually buy one. Nope, this is for reviewers only.

Kinda makes me wonder if it’s even fair to give a reviewer a better “experience” than the consumer? Isn’t that like giving a reviewer a nice chair to sit in while playing a video game? Probably not, but kinda.

I wonder if any reviewers couldn’t be arsed to hack in and either a) didn’t review it or b) got in via very careful and skilled wielding of a hammer

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