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Gas Mask Bra. Keep boobs safe from gas.

Gas Mask Bra. Keep boobs safe from gas.

Emergency bra being modelled by inventor... possible twice


Well the picture really says it all. It’s a face bra to keep that double chin in place… No It’s a gas mask bra!

The bras designer/inventor Dr. Elena Bodnar says that it can filter out harmful airborne pollutants, including those released by fire, radiological or biological attacks and the plus side is that you will always have it with you – you know, if you’re a woman. So really this is designed to get rid of men. Well, except any men that know women that will let them wear their bra. On their face. As handily each bra has 2 gas mask cups! Excellent.

Bodnar added, quite eloquently “Isn’t that wonderful that women have two breasts, not just one? We can save not only our own life, but also the life of a man of our choice next to us.”

No mention if it can help when you partner tries to gas you beneath the duvet.

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Emergency bra in action


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