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Nokia Ready to Fight Back?

Nokia Ready to Fight Back?

Nokia Lumia 800

Nokia were once kings of the smartphone realm, sitting high upon their throne. Perhaps from this elevated position they could not see the scuffles below as a a newcomer to the phone world released a phone that changed everything. That company was Apple and the iPhone. Without it we wouldn’t even have Android… Weird how history repeats itself eh?

So now iPhone and myriad android handsets sit upon a throne and Nokia signs it soul over to a deal with Microsoft to use Windows Mobile looking up at that throne longingly from below.

Well after quite a while they are ready to release their first Windows phones and the flagship model is the Lumia 800… And I think it looks pretty nice! In a market saturated in iPhone wannabes from samsung (especially) and HTC it’s nice to see some REAL DESIGN. Something that isn’t just an iPhone rip-off. Something that you’d be happy to pay your designers to steal come up with. I’m just kidding Nokia, You’re alright.

Here’s a better look.


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