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NASA builds space rover, streamed LIVE! Boring scientists get voted out, best Rover goes to mars and has hit Christmas single. Maybe.

Have you ever wanted to be a spy, voyer, watch nasa build a robot, secretly watch rocket scientist’s to see if they scratch their arse, have step by step instructions on how to build a mars rover, or watch people in masks and lab-coats do stuff? No? Ok, have you ever wanted to be a spy and dreamed of infiltrating goverment laboritories and stealing secrets? Well now you can watch NASA build a space rover LIVE. Amazing.

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Luke B

Luke B started life on his day of birth, strangely. He enjoys artistic and creative pursuits such as painting, drawing, sculpture, music, 3D graphics, video games and everything else. He builds websites as his day-job and builds personal ones in his spare time. He also likes Lego.

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