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Random review – Nurse Jackie

Random review – Nurse Jackie

“Life is full of little pricks”



So flicking through the channels the other night, I discovered this little gem. Starring Edie Falco, famous for her role as the long suffering wife of Tony in the Soprano’s, she really falls into the role of Nurse Jackie and makes it her own. Set in a hospital scenario this could so easily become a cheaper alternative to ER; in actual fact it is far from it with its honest humour and dark comedy, this show deals with some very serious matters in a fairly light hearted way. I think this show allows the audience to deal with real moral issues whilst under the guise of a comedy drama. For example; what would you do with the ear of a foreign diplomat who has assaulted a ‘working girl’ but is shielded by diplomatic immunity? Well you’ll just have to watch the pilot episode to find out what Nurse Jackie does, but believe me its satisfying.

Nominated for 3 golden globes, this show deserves all the accolade it has received. This is the first offering from production company Caryn Mandaback Productions, this is written produced and directed by a group of people who over the years have been associated with such programmes as ‘That 70’s show’, ‘CSI’, ‘Mad Men’, ‘Six Feet Under and the ‘West Wing’.

I suggest a watch. It is currently available on itunes for £1.89 an episode. It’s well worth it.



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