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Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs - RIP

It’s a sad day. Steve Jobs – Apple Inc Co-founder and (recently stepped down) CEO has died. This will not be a usual Weirdass article, there will not be an attempt at humour.

I ‘joked’ to a friend about 2 weeks ago that steve was going to die shortly, but I had my reasons. I, like a lot of Apple supporters, love technology and I had started to play a game where I would guess at Apples next move. I liked it when I was right, but often loved it when I was wrong. I realised they had a tendency to work at one thing to perfection, that it wouldn’t be long before it would appear in all their product lines. I also have quite a few ideas about the path they are on if you would like to employ me to tell you. 😉

So I had tried to tune myself into the Apple wavelength. Then I realised that there were a lot of murmurs about Steve as CEO, about who would replace him and such. This was the beginning, because Steve was obviously battling cancer and Apple would need to have a plan in place if the worst should happen. Steve had undergone a liver transplant in 2008 and no amount of money or importance can make a major surgery like that 100% guaranteed of success. But it wasn’t until I heard about a biography coming out that everything fell into place.

There is a biography coming out about Steve Jobs, the famously controlling and private person and it’s an official biography. This is pretty big. But then a few weeks ago in amongst replacement CEO talk and leaked pictures of Steve’s worsening state and steve stepping down as Apple CEO. The Biography was pushed back about a month and it’s publisher listing had shown an increase of almost 200 pages. Knowing Steve, as much as I can fool myself I know him, I thought ‘This is the perfectionist, the control-freak that over sees every minute detail of every aspect of his company and products.’ Something must be happening. So I thought to myself that if I were him and wanted the definitive biography, then it would have to encapsulate my whole life, and if I knew I was not long for this world, then I would hold the book back a few more weeks so it was perfect. Not only that, but I would make sure I had input in who would take my place and finally I would create a monument, something I had wanted to achieve and now had the resources and power to do so. The new Apple campus. Perhaps even have a tribute in the centre of the courtyard. So the Autobiography was the final thing that said to me that there wasn’t much time left and it was a shame I was right.

The thing is, though I’ve had an Apple since they were beige and had a multi-colour logo, I’ve never really know Steve Jobs. So I’ll leave you with some of the best articles on the net for this great visionary genius.

Walt Mossberg – Tech columnist at the Wall Street journal, became quite close with Jobs

My Neighbour Steve Jobs – written before he died about the man behind the icon

Brian Lam – iPhone 4 leak incident, interesting read.

Time Magazine Obituary

Macrumors – Great collection of quotes from peers

Oh and Apple

This is an un-aired version of the ‘Think Different’ Ad that Steve actually narrated.

Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement Speech

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