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The Mummy Tummy… Pregnancy Simulator. Coming to Japanese Arcades Soon?

The Mummy Tummy… Pregnancy Simulator. Coming to Japanese Arcades Soon?

Pregnancy simulator... Mummy tummy

Guys, you know how you’ve always envied women? Not because they have breasts that they can look at whenever they want, oh no. But because they get to experience the awe and majesty of pregnancy, labour and finally child birth. Well some crazy clever people have got you covered and are working hard on making every mans dream a reality.

Alternatively if it isn’t a dream for you, they it will be sold as a torture device to women. It’s product tagline is tentatively “You did this to me mother****er now you wear this” and will include a padlock to allow the woman to inflict it on the man as long as she sees fit… So 10 roughly months I’d assume. But this is only a pregnancy simulator, so we still get out of child birth! But for the love of god don’t point that out as that watermelon she just bought, might be for you.

This will surely be the next big Wii peripheral – Wii Fit eat your heart out!

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