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Sucker Punch – The film that came from nowhere, and knocked me out

Sucker Punch – The film that came from nowhere, and knocked me out

Sucker Punch the movie logo


A film was shown during Comic-con this year and it seemed to come out of nowhere… kinda like it’s title… Hmm.

So here’s the who, where and why… It’s Directed by the guy who also directed 300 and Watchmen. So there’s the comic heritage. But this one is in-fact written by the Director man too and thus will be his first film based on an original story.

Ok… why is THAT weird?! Well the film seems to blend together some of the weirdest genre bending elements it possibly can; Hot women in tiny skirts with bad-ass weapons, dragons, killer-robot-mech-things, giant samurai, bi-planes and airships… and umm… some more hot women!

It makes sense to me that he debuted it at Comic-con, it sounds like he went around and asked all the attendees to name their favourite things in all the world and then made a film about ever single one of them. I myself would probably have listed a fair few of them.

Roll on 2011 and the film Sucker Punch

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Sucker Punch - Babydoll played by the gorgeous Emily Browning

Sucker Punch - Sweet Pea

Sucker Punch - Amber

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