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Acroban – An advanced robot people like to punch.

So it’s a typical Tuesday at the office. To your right stands a small humanoid robot you have just created. You decide to punch it in the head a few times to show that it can compensate for a sucker punch and not just topple over. What? that’s not a usual Tuesday for you?

Clever stuff indeed, but really is it a good idea to make a robot look like a cute little kid and then video yourself whacking it in the head?! And the cute little hat doesn’t seem to offer any protection to speak off no matter how much they may plead it does in a court of law.

An amazing, if not a little scary, video after the break. More child-robot cruelty ensues. I’m off the register a charity – I’m thinking the RSPCrC. Has a ring to it don’t you think?



Thanks to Inria Flowers

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