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Take Better Pictures of Yourself with the Sony QX Camera

When apple introduced the iPhone in 2007 it caused huge waves; the phone industry would never be the same again.

Some manufactures, facing huge loss of customer base, started playing follow the leader to Apple with everyone jumping on the bandwagon.

Some consumers thought that this was bad for companies like Nokia and Sony and it was to a degree, but I saw that necessity was the mother of invention and a company that’s fighting to survive is much more interesting than a company playing catchup.

Sony brought us water-proof phones, and now they have a camera that has a range of DSLR style lenses that connect to it, but with one important difference. The lens itself connects wirelessly to the camera which means the lens and the viewfinder can be facing completely different ways.

Surely THE camera of the Facebook/Twitter generation is one that allows you to take better photos of yourself?! RIGHT?! and once the lenses are out there, can a compatible phone be far behind?

Video Below.

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