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Revenge is best served cold – Buy Crabs Online

Revenge is best served cold – Buy Crabs Online

So your ex cheated on you. Boohoo, what are you gonna do about it?

Bet your plan is to bury your head in the sand and pig out on chocolate and wine, or tone up and get fit so next time you are out and about and you bump into them you will be looking at your absolute best.

Well, how’s about we get a little inventive here. Why not send some donkey porn to their workplace? Or a Justin Bieber CD? Send a stripper-gram to their family Sunday lunch. Or set up a fake Facebook page, flirt openly on their timeline and then once you have them hooked begin posting details of selected STD that they have given your profile character.

Or you could just give them crabs!

Don’t worry I’m not suggesting some horrific plan where you get crabs, tempt them into bed and then give them crabs. Oh no! Now you can buy them mail order. No hunting and harvesting required. Just enter your credit card details and they will be with you in a few short days. Then you just need to persuade yourself to get over the loathing you feel for the said individual in order to get close enough to tip said vial into unsuspecting ex’s underwear.

Interested aren’t you…

Check out CRABREVENGE for more details.

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