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Two Hot Ladies and the Tale of The Spycam Filled Apartment

Two Hot Ladies and the Tale of The Spycam Filled Apartment

Two attractive ladies caught on spy-cam in apartment

I recently heard about a terrible terrible thing happening. Two extremely hot unfortunate ladies were the victims of a heinous crime.

Apparently, according to some american TV news, the ladies realised they were secretly being filmed by spy cameras hidden in smoke alarms and other things. It doesn’t go in to how they realised they were being filmed – I assume when not one smoke alarm went off during a toast burning fiasco it raised some immaculately groomed eyebrows.

The thing is, I feel bad for them… Partly, but they other part of me, the devil on my shoulder if you will, wants to see some hard proof that this actually happened. I mean It could have been installed for the previous tenants to keep an eye on their baby and nanny. So I need proof… Video evidence.

This would be one of the only times I’d WANT to go to court.

You might think I’m being a little mean being that someones privacy was totally ignored. But it just seems a little weird.

  1. How would the owner be able to find out his tenants were hot and then have time to install the cameras? – “Sorry Ladies I know you’re in the middle of moving in, but I need to bring the apartment up to code. I’ve got these fire alarms to install. Yes five per room IS quite a lot, but safety first!”
  2. They are pretty attractive and have names like ‘Vanya Samokovareva’ and ‘Ralitsa Dzhambazova’ which if Veronica Zemanova has taught us anything, it’s that they are porn-star names!

Finally in conclusion a part of me thinks this was the BEST. VIRAL. EVER!

But really that’s for you to decide.

Two Hot Chicks Find Spycams In Their Apartment – Watch more Funny Videos


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