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Weird Iphone Cases

Weird Iphone Cases

So I’m sure by now that you’ve all heard about the current issues people are having with the latest iphone. The ‘death grip’ as it has been affectionately been named only affects a (relatively) small number of the phones but it has been enough to prompt Apple to issue a free case to all those who have purchased one.

The Apple official case, to me seems a little odd, however the ‘bumper’ design has been expertly designed for the iphone 4 and far be it to question the genius that is behind the iphone.

(bumper picture)

This did get me thinking however, what other weird and wonderful cases exist out there?

Number 1


This rather ugly looking case is available in brass, solid aluminium or titanium and will set you back between $99 and $300. Why oh why would any one cover such a beautiful devise in such an ugly ugly, not to mention expensive case?

Number 2

For the chocoholics amongst us…

Chocolate iPhone Case

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