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Wii is as good as sex?

Well the benefits of holding the wiimote in your hand, shaking and waggling it around, are that you burn off more calories than… not shaking and waggling. And this ISN’T a euphemism. But due to how fun it is and how much exercise you get, maybe it’s as good as?

This is a video I made a while ago, but this site didn’t exist then… so here it is now!

Is the Wii better than sex?!

That’s a good question… is any video game system better than sex? Let’s think about this…

The wii lets’ you burn off calories in a fun, entertaining way… So does sex.

The Wii has a wiimote, a games controller designed to fit nicely into one hand, so that you don’t need two hands to play as with traditional games controllers. Sex has the penis. It’s designed to fit nicly into your hand for easy use during solo campaign or mulitplayer.

The Wii is backwards compatible with gamecube games. Your partner probably isn’t.

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