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Chuck saved by Sub, Not the nuclear variety.

Chuck saved by Sub, Not the nuclear variety.

Chuck US TV series from NBC saved by sub

The US TV show “Chuck” has just finished it’s second season in the UK, and I’ve got to admit it seemed like it was heading towards THE end, more than the end of a series. And perhaps, as it turns out, that was the case. However the home of the foot-long, or the family friendly home of the foot-long – Subway has stepped in to save Chucks ass – Maybe they were hooked after the Sandwich shop episode in series one.

Well Subway are obviously putting up some advertising dollars that will help fund it, but it probably wouldn’t have got that far if it wasn’t for the vocal fan-base on twitter. So power to the people, sandwiches and nuclear subs. I guess.

So no Missile toting subs here, just good ol’ sandwiches. But turns out a ‘sweet onion chicken teriyaki’ can be just as effective in fighting bad-guys, rouge CIA and international espionage. Now, who reckons that Sarah will go from wienerlicious to yogurt to Subway? Well I dunno, but it’s good that Chuck will return. Weird he was saved by a sub.

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