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Yogi Bear. Big Screen. 3D. Justin Timberlake…

Yogi Bear. Big Screen. 3D. Justin Timberlake…

Yogi Bear live action film

You’re mad! it couldn’t possibly be! But Hold your horses there mister-I-know-more-than-you.

Sure I had to check this was real a few times, but I guess after the likes of Garfield and Alvin and the chipmunks it was only a matter of time before every single childhood cartoon has been dredged up and had an extra dimension added to the mix. This time it is Yogi Bear that is getting a live-action-with-CGI-animals treatment. And yes little ones, to put your mind at ease boo-boo will be in it – Voiced by none other than Justin Timberlake, who’s career has obviously taken a down-turn. Oh how stars fall from grace. Oh and Dan Aykroyd is Yogi.

Yogi Bear first appeared on TV in 1961… So clearly now is the perfect time to release a film. You know, at the height of Yogi-mania! Umm… Yeah

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