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1.2 Million Dollar Watch… Just In Time For Xmas!

1.2 Million Dollar Watch… Just In Time For Xmas!

1.2 Million Dollar Watch. Steam-punk with a sprinkling of gears

So Christmas is just around the corner now as tomorrow is the 1st of December and if you’re still struggling to find the perfect gift for someone perhaps we can help. Though probably not.

It was only the other day I was thinking to myself; I wish I could buy a watch that was worth $1.2M only about £772000. This watch does have a “Steam-punk” vibe to it. But do steam-punks usually have a spare Mil laying around to squander on a watch? I would assume their first port of call would be a steam powered airship or the like.

So this is for Mr Rich. Or Arab Princes. It says “I’ve got the house, car and the gold plated $1M T-shirt and there is still just too much cash burning a hole in my gold lined pocket.” You know you could just give the million to charity and buy a “normal” expensive watch.

Oh and if your gripping your credit card, still undecided, perhaps it will sway you to know that it opens up in a rather unique way so you can hear it ticking… Or something.

1.2 Million Dollar watch all open and lovely

There. Isn’t that nice? Now don’t worry about the price, I’m sure QVC will have it on easy-pay before long.

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