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Ascot gets a touch of the Macabre

Ascot gets a touch of the Macabre

Its that time of year again, yes that’s right its the social event of the season, it’s Ascot races and we all know what that means… Ladies day.

Ok ok I’ve never actually been and really don’t have a burning desire to attend. However , I have been checking out some unusual and unique hats that would really make you stand out in a crowd full of fascinators and over the top extravagant hats.



Swan lake inspired?


The 2013 Ascot launch hat


You may be asking yourself how I can top those and what could possibly make the hats I’m about to show you so different from the hundreds of new weird and wacky designs seen at Ascot each year, well the answer is Taxidermy head gear. That’s right you heard correctly.. Taxidermy.

There are two main designers that i have come across working in this area at the moment. James Faulkner and RP/Encore.


James Faulker (yes I thought it too, he could indeed be Alan Carr’s little brother) has a collection of 36 hats made from the feathers and furs from genuine road kill.

Where as RP/Encore has a whole collection of hats, head bands, bags, rings and necklaces made with and inspired by her work in taxidermy. Her three collections V/ermin, Pets and Park cover the full range, from pigeon head bands to rabbit teeth and cat tail bracelets and even a pigeon wing necklace; if you are looking for something special this season, check these out.


Her RP/Encore and Reid Peppard websites are  portfolio sites which also has some items to purchase and details of other pieces available from select stockists .


I would recommend watching the into vid, its an artistic piece designed to draw you in.. and it works. If you have a deeper fascination and are looking to find out what makes her tick; PR/Encore’s Tumblr page is full of fascinating, inspiring and occasionally disturbing  images (many in fact reminiscent of the recent NBC Hannibal series) all of which she uses for inspiration.

Please note – no animals were harmed in the making of these products, each piece is made from already deceased animals.

Disclaimer – I cannot guarantee that these pieces would in fact pass the rigorous dress policy at Ascot, please do not hold me responsible if you are asked to leave.

So yes… Ascot gets a touch of the macabre

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