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Author: Pan_dora

‘O Refreshing Stuff’

Possibly the most honest thing I’ve read in the media in 2016 Driving past a bus stop on my way to work the other day I was astounded at the bus stop ad… “It’s summer, you’re thirsty. We’ve got sales targets.” I was spurred on to find out if this was one of a kind. In the midst of this seemingly never-ending Brexit campaign it seems like a very well timed piece of truthful advertising from Coca-Cola owned drinks company Oasis. The newspapers, news apps and TV are currently full to the brim of one lie or another, not to mention the vastly inflated over exaggeration that every political party and newspaper alike are spouting; so this piece of truthful advertising is a breath of fresh air for everyone. A brilliant set of advertising dreamt up by firm ‘The Corner’, this ad campaign is aimed at the modern consumer, their primary demographic being those ‘young people’ who make up the companies ‘new generation of consumer’. But lets face it, its not just an ad campaign for the ‘yute’ of today. Young and old alive, we can all enjoy a dose of good old fashioned ‘say it like it is’ advertising. Keep your eyes open for the rest of the campaign, it promises to offer yet more honest statements about modern society without getting too deep into the politics which seems...

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Franz Kafka’s – The Trial at Young Vic

The Trial – an absurd look at the existential crisis of life on trial. This week I was lucky enough to attend a preview of Kafka’s classic, ‘The Trial’ at the Young Vic    The most recent adaptation of one of Kafka’s finest pieces is adapted by Nick Gill and directed by Richard Jones. The Trial has always been one of Kafka’s best-known works. Published in 1925, the existential crisis at its heart is as relevant today as it has always been. This adaptation succeeds in both welcoming the audience with its open plan courtroom set up and use...

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Stingrays: An Unconventional Love Story

Film is one medium that we, here at Weirdass are passionate about and independent films doubly so. In an industry as challenging as the film industry, it is a wonder anyone not already sporting a Filofax worth of contacts even tries to make it. This of course is where independent film festivals, sites like Patreon, crowd-funding ventures and of course Youtube and Vimeo; play their part in getting these independent and often self funded films to the masses. One such film that I feel deserves some support is ‘Stingrays: An Unconventional Love Story’.   Stingrays is a film which deals with the everyday consequences of child abuse and the affects it has on the adult life of the victims. Currently in post production Stingrays stars up and coming star Fiona Domenica. It began life as a twenty minute short written by Fiona herself. It has now beed developed into a feature film directed by Heath Franklin and starring the likes of Jesse C Boyd and Scott Parks. Based on true life accounts, this film promises to be a thought provoking journey through the choices and consequences of adults who have lived through abuse at the hands of the adults meant to be protecting them. View trailer on Youtube here The Facebook page for Stingrays is a harsh reminder that child abuse occurs each and every day. It is not...

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Revenge is best served cold – Buy Crabs Online

So your ex cheated on you. Boo hoo, what you gonna do about it? Bet your plan is to bury your head in the sand and pig out on chocolate and wine; or tone up and get fit so next time you are out and about and you bump into them you will be looking at your absolute best. Well how’s about we get a little inventive here. Why not send some donkey porn to their work place? Or a Justin Bieber CD? Send a stripper-gram to their family sunday lunch. Or set up a fake Facebook page, flirt...

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Ascot gets a touch of the Macabre

Its that time of year again, yes that’s right its the social event of the season, it’s Ascot races and we all know what that means… Ladies day. Ok ok I’ve never actually been and really don’t have a burning desire to attend. However , I have been checking out some unusual and unique hats that would really make you stand out in a crowd full of fascinators and over the top extravagant hats. Yummy!! Source Swan lake inspired? Source The 2013 Ascot launch hat Source You may be asking yourself how I can top those and what could...

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