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Author: Lilith DeVille

Is nothing sacred? Apple Watch Erotica?!

Hentai… For anyone who knows what this means, you will know that there is a whole world of weird erotica out there. For those of you that don’t…¬† What I hadn’t seen before was tech porn and I’m not talking about vibrators and dildo’s. What we have here is a sub section of erotic literature based around technology and devices that were definitely not designed for use in sexual escapades. Even stranger, tech porn erotica. That’s right ladies [perhaps a little sexist, but I am yet to find a man who will admit to getting aroused when reading a...

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Till death do us part… or does it?

Losing a spouse is always hard. But what if this loss occurs when you are still in your sexual prime? Do you give up on sex completely? Is that actually realistic? I remember watching an episode of ‘Weeds’ where Nancy realises that she is finally through the main stages of grief at the loss of her husband and is now just horny. Sure she misses his arms around her and the feel of his hot breath against her skin, but when you get right down to it, she’s just biologically in need of a good old fashioned screw. Crass,...

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Weirdass is About to Get Naughty

With the introduction of our new guest contributor, Weirdass is going to be getting a lil’ naughty. Weirdass always walked the line of taste, falling on to the side of naughty more often than not anway. But now we will have a dedicated section for those of you that only want the naughty things in life. Lil’ Miss Evil is here to spread her...

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