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Till death do us part… or does it?

Till death do us part… or does it?

Losing a spouse is always hard. But what if this loss occurs when you are still in your sexual prime? Do you give up on sex completely? Is that actually realistic?

I remember watching an episode of ‘Weeds’ where Nancy realises that she is finally through the main stages of grief at the loss of her husband and is now just horny. Sure she misses his arms around her and the feel of his hot breath against her skin, but when you get right down to it, she’s just biologically in need of a good old fashioned screw.

Crass, perhaps, but true. Our bodies do not cease to desire, our animal nature does not cease to be because our loved one does.

But what is the answer to this dilemma? One Swedish artist may have designed a solution. Mark Sturkenboom has designed and produced the first dildo with a space to house 21 grams of your loved ones ashes.

Its actually quite a romantic idea if you think about it. The idea that your loved one can still give you pleasure (if you are a woman or gay man) from beyond the grave, can still be with you in those intimate moments. Although, I don’t suggest thinking about it too hard as it quickly becomes less than romantic.

Creepy or romantic? You decide!

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